Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Look. Same Mission.

New Look. Same Mission.

Through the gift of a home we give encouragement and support for the present; by sharing the hope of Jesus Christ we give confidence for the future.
We believe that all individuals have intrinsic worth and therefore should have both their physical and spiritual needs met.
The new brand look and feel represents individuals coming and working together to build something bigger, to build casas, to build hope.

Letter from the Executive Director

We are excited to reveal our new logo - a rebranding that we believe better represents who we are and where we are headed. As you view this new logo, there are a couple of things that I would like to point out. The most recognizable aspects of our ministry are our houses, whether they are in México, Guatemala, or the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the most prominent feature in our new logo is the word houses - "CASAS." You will find that "CASAS" is resting on the firm foundation of Christ - "CRISTO." Our teams learn quickly the importance of a firm foundation. While "CASAS" is the most visible, it is "CRISTO" that is foundational.

"But what about the cute little house logo?" Yes, it is true that the house does not appear in our new logo, but it is not gone from our DNA. It is part of our heritage, our history, our identity. I personally have that cute little house tattooed on my lower leg. It serves as a permanent reminder of Casas por Cristo's history. For those of you wondering why we have moved on to a new logo, let me share a phrase that has been echoing through my thoughts: "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary..." That is the opening line of our Declaration of Independence. "When in the course of human events..." The truth is that things grow and evolve with time. 

We now find ourselves in three different countries with plans to continue expanding. We developed a brand identity that better represents who we are as a global organization. The truth is that the houses we build in these new countries do not look anything like the ones we currently build in México, and the time may come when our México houses also change. So, "in the course of human events," we have chosen this new brand identity to reflect who we are. We are excited about our growth and this new look. We hope you are, as well.

David Robertson  

Team Casas | April 2015


Join other individuals to build a home for a family in need in México, Guatemala, or the Dominican Republic. We still need volunteers for the following dates. Click here to learn more.

2015 Team Casas Schedule

June 15 - 19 | Juárez, México (2 More Volunteers Needed)

June 14 - 20 | Santiago, Dominican Republic (9 More Volunteers Needed)
July 5 - 11 | San Raimundo, Guatemala (11 More Volunteers Needed)
October 9 - 12 | Juárez, México 
December 28, 2015 - January 1, 2016 | Acuña, México
December 28, 2015 - January 1, 2016 | 
Juárez, México
December 27, 2015 - January 2, 2016 | San Raimundo, Guatemala
December 27, 2015 - January 2, 2016 | Santiago, Dominican Republic

2016 Team Casas Schedule

February 5 - 8 | Juárez, México
March 13 - 19 | San Raimundo, Guatemala 
March 13 - 19 | Santiago, Dominican Republic
June 13 - 17 | Juárez, México
June 12 - 18 | Santiago, Dominican Republic
July 3 - 9 | San Raimundo, Guatemala
October 7 - 10 | Juárez, México

For questions, contact 
Ryan de la Peña or Roberta Sanders 
at 800.819.8014 or

Office Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (MST)