Friday, January 6, 2012

Team Casas 2012

We recently shared with you the story of a family waiting to receive a home through a trip called Team Casas. You answered the call and on December 29, 2011 the Rodriguez family received the keys to their new home. This year we have the opportunity to make stories like this one happen all over again. Whether you want to build in Juárez, Acuña or Guatemala, we have trips ready for you to join us!

Why not start off the year giving your life to change another? You don't need to organize a team, all you need to do is come. We'll take care of the details. We're challenging you this year to give four days of your next 365 to make a difference that will last a lifetime.

The next opportunity to come and serve is rapidly approaching! Join us in Juárez, México the weekend of February 17th. We need six more people to make this family's dream a reality.

Registration Fee: $50
Cost: $500 per person ages 12 and up / $100 per child ages 0-11
*Click here for more details* 

Can't come on this trip? We have other opportunities for you to serve this year! 

2012 Team Casas Schedule 
February 17th-20th Juárez, Mexico 
June 24th - 30th San Raimundo, Guatemala 
June 18th - 21st Juárez, Mexico 
July 1st - 7th San Raimundo, Guatemala 
August 31st - September 3rd Acuña, Mexico 
December 27th - 30th Acuña, Mexico 

Please help us spread the word about Team Casas in 2012. 
We're excited for the new year and all the possibilities that await!

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