Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YOUR Spring Break

It's still Spring Break for us here at Casas!  This is our final week of our "spring break" building season and homes are still going up in Guatemala, Acuna and Juarez!  We're praising God for all of the work that He's done.  Over the past month hundreds of you have partnered with us and built a home.  For each person that built there is a unique and different story. We can't even imagine all the ways God has been working through each person's life. As this season comes to a close, now we want to hear about the work that God has done!

We believe that each of you has a story to tell and there is so much value in that.  Just because you have returned home doesn't mean your trip is over. In fact, in a lot of ways, this is where it begins! You have a story to share with the world around you and we want to know it. What did you see? How did you feel?  Who did God put along your path as you gave a week of your life to build a home for a family in need?

We want to see your pictures, post your videos, read your blogs and broadcast them for the rest of our supporters to hear and see the work that God is doing! Shoot us an e-mail with your stories to bgirle@casasporcristo.org or post your pics and videos to our Facebook page! Let those around you see all that God has done!

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