Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Team Casas

We need YOU!

In both Guatemala and México, you have the opportunity to give the gift of a lifetime this Christmas. After celebrating with your family, would you consider giving to another? Two families are waiting and praying to receive a home this holiday season.

In Guatemala, Jose Boror (26) and his wife Sonia (23) have no way to provide a safe shelter and home for their young daughter Leidi (2). Our prayer is that this little girl will grow up in a home were she always knows that the body of Christ came to provide for her.

Where: San Raymundo, Guatemala
When: December 30th-January 5th
Cost: $675 per person / not including airfare to Guatemala City
Deadline: November 16, 2012

In Acuña, México, Maria Rodriguez (56) and her son Edgar (10) live in a single parent household and currently have no means of income besides donations from others. With no way to provide a Christmas for her son this year, we can't imagine a better gift for them both; not from us, but through us. What better way to celebrate what this holiday is truly about?!

Where: Acuña, México
When: December 27th-30th
Cost: $500 per person / not including travel to Del Rio, Texas
Deadline: November 16, 2012

For more information check out this link: Team Casas

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