Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are You Our Next Intern?

With summer right around the corner, and our search for interns in full swing, we asked former interns how their summer with Casas por Cristo affected their lives.  Here's what they had to say...

David Lebby:
If I were to sum up my summer into one sentence it would read, “It ruined me.” My summer had three phases: humility, discovery, joy.
Humility: I was immediately humbled by the overwhelming nature of the work and my complete and total inadequacy.
Discovery: I began to discover that my inadequacies were so pale in comparison to God's overwhelming power and will to use me.
Joy: I found the most intense joy of my life abiding in God from day to day, serving the people of Juárez, being used despite my crippling personal shortcomings.
When I say my summer in Juárez ruined me, I mean it ruined me for the ordinary nature of a life built around my own capabilities and birthed in me a persistent desire for the extreme. Things only possible through Him.
I think everyone enters a Casas internship with flaws detrimental to the role that a leader plays. It was one of my life’s greatest pleasures to watch God overcome these flaws.

Jess Hehrer:
I went into the Casas por Cristo internship with the desire to be challenged and enlightened. I had no idea that in a few short months I would leave as an entirely new person. The three months I spent working alongside the other interns and CpC staff were the hardest months of my life. I was constantly challenged spiritually, physically, and mentally.
Over the course of ninety days something crazy happened. I began to rely on the Lord more than I ever had in my entire life. I was able to witness His power, might, and grace, and I personally experienced His strength, peace, and provision. God slowly but surely changed my heart to reflect His.
Serving as an intern with Casas por Cristo has easily been the most rewarding experience in my life thus far. It opened my eyes to a community that has been forsaken by its people, but not forgotten by God. As an intern I learned to act in faith and speak with boldness. The rewards of this internship program are far more than I ever expected, and I owe Casas por Cristo everything for allowing me to participate in such an incredible opportunity.

Rachel Weller: (apprentice with Casas)
My time with Casas has taught me to pray big prayers and never put God in a box.

Jessica Selburg: (summer and winter intern with Casas)
Interning with Casas brought me out of my comfortable Christian bubble and into courageous wonderful pursuit.

Brittany Girle (full-time missionary with Casas since 2004)
I had no clue that a Spring Break trip in college would change the course of my entire life.

Justin Kirklin (full-time missionary with Casas since 2009)
My internship set the foundation for the rest of my life. I now see Jesus as my life and my treasure.

Jason Roth (full-time missionary with Casas since 2007)
Not to be melodramatic, but it did change the course of my life. I had never considered working in missions, or moving accross the country to El Paso. God has better plans than my own. 

We are still accepting applications for internships this summer.  If you are interested in giving 3 months of your life to see how God will use you CLICK HERE or contact Justin Kirklin at jkirklin@casasporcristo.org

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