Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prayers for Guatemala

Our summer interns Jake, Christie and Tyler are well into their second week in Guatemala and getting more and more familiar with their new home for the summer. Learning three builds in three weeks in two different countries and cultures is a lot, but we know that they are capable and that God will provide all that they need. We want to lift up their specific prayers requests this summer as they soak up all that is Guatemala! Will you join us in praying for them?!

- For Christ's leadership through me as I lead teams
- God's direction in all things this summer
- That God would use these experiences to mold and transform my life for all He has planned
- That the families and teams would come to see Christ in new ways through their experiences

- Strength for the long time I am away from home and for all the hard work that will be done
- That God might use me to bless teams and families every week
-Thanks for this opportunity to learn and to love

- God's direction for Casas' ministry as a whole
- That the families we serve may know we build for them out of love for Jesus Christ and because we care about their eternal salvation
-For God's direction in my life as I seek possibilities of long term service in Guatemala
- Safe travels for the Casas staff and teams that journey to Guatemala
-That the people of Guatemala & México may believe in God, hold onto the Word of God, and realize that anything can happen

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