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Family Spotlight | Juárez, México | July 18, 2016

Family Spotlight
Juárez, México
Patricia and her children (from left to right) Araceli (13), Carla (3), Hector Manuel (11), Yenifer (2), & Nestor (15). Not pictured:Gloria (19).
This past week, a team from Central Christian Church from St. Joseph, MO drove for two days to Juárez to serve a single mother in the community of Anapra. This single mother's name is Patricia Mendosa Monge. Before last week, Patricia and her children had been living in a makeshift house on the edge of the church property because she didn't have any way to build on the land she recently bought next to her sister. Just to purchase the land had used up all her resources and she was trying to save enough to begin building a home for her family. However, earning only $30 a week and caring for six children, saving was very difficult.

During a Christmas time trip, where Central delivers hand-picked gifts to orphans and young children all around Anapra, team leader Tim Champ met Patricia and knew he wanted Central to help build her a home. Tim was introduced to Patricia while she was serving in the church during one of the meals they regularly provide to the community. "I loved that she was involved and serving in her church community, giving back even when she had very little herself," stated Champ. It was after that trip that Central began praying that God would make a way for them to build Patricia a home.

Araceli and her youngest sister Yenifer
God moved in big ways and made it possible for Central Christian Church to build for Patricia, as well as another deserving family during their week in Juarez. Throughout the week the daily highs were over 105 degrees everyday! "It has definitely been the hottest week that we've ever built in," recalls Champ, "but the Lord gave us the strength to finish early enough each day, before the heat was overwhelming." Patricia and her children were overjoyed when they received their keys during the dedication. She thanked God and the team for all they have done this week to bless her and her family.

Please join us in continuing to pray for this family and their journey with the Lord, along with all the teams building throughout the hot summer months! 
Team members praying over Patricia and her children at the dedication.
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