Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stories of the Faithful

We have been blessed to receive stories from team members that have served with Casas por Cristo over the years.  We want to share their stories of lives being changed.  Do you have a story to tell?  Send it to us at bgirle@casasporcristo.org  We want to tell it to the world!


The picture above is my screensaver on my home computer. It is a photo of a plant that we photographed outside of one of our first builds, and we (my husband and I) just love it because we found out that the plant is called "Dedos de Cristo," or "The Fingers of Christ." This picture was taken in the middle of a very hot June, and we love it because it is a plant that is flourishing in the desert of Chihuahua despite a lack of water or nourishment.
When I first went to Juarez in 2001, I went ready to feel like Ms. Wonderful ready to spread some faith among the slums of Juarez. We stayed with Chila and Juan Mata at Verdad y Vida. Instead of seeing desperation, I found out that there was a faith flourishing in Juarez that put mine to shame! It is a faith that is flourishing with little or no nourishment, and I learned a lot from it. My husband and I have continued building in Juarez for 10 years now, and we have no plans of stopping.
 I thank God for Casas por Cristo every night for giving me the means to see God's fingers in action--I really feel that Casas and the pastors of Juarez are truly "Los Dedos de Cristo."
Kathy Palomino

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