Monday, February 29, 2016

Missionary Spotlight | The Laffan Family

Meet Jason and Amy Laffan and their boys, Jonas (8), Kash (4), and Titus (2). Jason has faithfully served in many roles at Casas since he came on staff in 2001. He currently serves as the Director of Operations in our El Paso headquarters and makes sure all of the ministry's administrative responsibilities are taken care of.
1. Tell a little bit about yourself and where you're from.
  • We are the Laffans, and we hail from Georgia. While our roots are in the south, our lives and hearts are here in El Paso. All three of our boys were born and raised (so far) in El Paso. We love to go to México and build homes. Amy can stucco a house with the best of them. Jonas loves Legos and building "his masterpieces." Kash has a collection of "guys" which includes almost every character a kid could want. Having two big brothers has helped Titus become the toughest two year old on the planet. One thing that all five of us agree on is our love for the beach and all things Disney.
2. What made you choose to serve at Casas por Cristo?
  • When I was young and full of energy the Lord used my interest of working with my hands and my desire to serve with a tangible and measurable purpose. I remember being in college and going to the National Missionary Convention in search of a ministry to serve at during the summer of 1999. It was clear at the end of the weekend that God had pointed me in the direction of Casas por Cristo, the ministry that I had first gone on a trip with in 1998.
3. How have you seen God through your ministry at Casas por Cristo?
  • I have seen more people cry tears of joy for what the Lord has done through giving them a home or through their act of giving a home to a family than I have of people crying for all other imaginable reasons combined. I believe that God's heart and eyes are on this ministry because of the fruit that comes from the international churches we serve, the American churches that volunteer, and the changed lives of everyone involved.
4. What has been your biggest challenge so far?
  • The biggest challenge has been leaving family and friends to move to El Paso. As our family has grown from just Amy and I with the additions of three little boys, it has been a huge challenge to be physically separated from people that we wish could be a part of our daily lives.
5. What are some things people can pray for on your behalf?
  • We would love prayer that God would use us to have a huge impact on His Kingdom for His glory. One of our prayers for our children every night is that they will be leaders and not followers. As we raise our boys we want them to be obedient to God's calling on their lives and be open to what He has planned for them.

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