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Family Spotlight | Acuña, México | August 22, 2016

Family Spotlight
Acuña, México
Meet Maria and her son Moises, a sweet family from Acuña, México. Maria is a 70 year old widow with quite a large family. She has seven children and over 20 grandchildren that she loves dearly. Before Capital West Christian Church came to build a house for Maria and her son, they were living in a relative's home nearby. Their living quarters were overcrowded, and Maria was definitely in need of a home to call her own.
During the build week, Maria made a point to greet the team in the mornings. She even spent most of her days working hard in her hot and crowded kitchen to make a homemade meal for the team. This was Maria's tangible way to say thank you to the team building her house, and the team considered it to be the best thank you they could have ever received.
Maria was often walking around the site smiling with teammates and admiring her new house as it went up. Everyday Maria would walk into the unfinished house and exclaim over and over again how beautiful the house was. This unfinished house, with bare walls and half a roof, made Maria's eyes light up with excitement. By the end of the week, Maria was in tears over her gratitude and joy found in this new house.
On dedication day, Maria and Moises' family and pastor gathered around to celebrate the gift of this new home. After the pastor shared and the team expressed their love and gratitude for Maria and her family, Maria conveyed her thankfulness towards God and Capital West for coming to build her home. She told the team how excited and content she was with her new house. It was easy to see that Maria was very excited to have a house she could call her own. She no longer had to feel like a burden to her daughter's family who had been providing her with a place to stay. While this team worked hard to show Christ to Maria and her family, she surprised everyone by showing His love to them by cooking for and hugging the team members every day. This week, for everyone involved, was a shining example of how to live for Christ and love people. God worked through this team and Maria by changing each of their lives forever.
Please join us in continuing to pray for Maria and her family!
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