Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Missionary Spotlight | Andrew & Lacy Sexton

Missionary Spotlight
Andrew & Lacy Sexton
Meet Andrew and Lacy Sexton. Andrew is one of our senior designers. His designs are featured on our Casas por Cristo merchandise, website, and publications. He works hard to make sure Casas looks good. And of course, he guides our volunteer teams in building homes for the impoverished in México, too.

1. Tell a little bit about yourself and where you're from.
  • Andrew: I am from St. Louis Missouri, I went to the University of Central Missouri to study Graphic Design. 
  • Lacy: I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. I went to the University of Central Missouri (where Andrew and I met) and received a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Now I take care of the administrative and financial responsibilities at Paseo Christian Church.
2. What made you choose to serve at Casas por Cristo?
  • I grew up wanting to do something ministry related but not wanting to work in a church. When I went on my first trip with Casas, I knew it would be the perfect match for me. I love working hands on. At Casas I am able to do that with my design work and with building.
3. How have you seen God through your ministry at Casas por Cristo?
  • I have seen him in the preparation for me coming here. In college I took a lot of classes for printing, not knowing why, but just because I enjoyed it. Now I print all the Casas promotional material and merchandise. It's crazy to think that if I had not taken those classes I would not have been prepared for this stuff.
4. What has been your biggest challenge so far?
  • Time. My wife can attest to this.
Prayer Requests
  • Pray for our finances because that is part of our life right now that is not consistent yet. 
  • Please pray for the upcoming year in general, our jobs, and our lives down here in El Paso.


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